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About Quik-Cool

The Quik-Cool Vacuum Cooler brand was originally developed by Don Harding who was a pioneer in Vacuum Cooling in Australia, resulting in what we believe to be one of the first locally made Vacuum Coolers in Australia.

In 2015, Jason and Linda Koenders purchased Quik-Cool bringing over 20 years’ experience in vacuum cooling and well over 30 years in the refrigeration industry. This puts Jason in the perfect position to know best how to assist you with your refrigeration requirements.

With the Quik-Cool team headed up by Manufacturing Manager David Goold, who has 15 years’ experience in refrigeration & Vacuum Cooling and 30 years in Manufacturing David brings a vast amount of skills to our team.

With further development on our range of equipment ensures we offer a quality Australian owned and manufactured cooling solution.  We pride ourselves in the reliability and energy efficiency of our solutions.

All Quik-Cool machines are designed in house by our design team with the harsh Australian climate in mind.

proudly australian made


Quik-Cool is a local family owned business employing local quality trades people and proudly manufacturing in Australia

Our strong focus on buying Australian products where possible results in supporting other local manufacturing businesses. Combined with employing local trade’s people and training young people into future trade professionals’ results in a win win solution for all stakeholders.

Our strong team of industry partners around Australia whom support our brand for service and maintenance gives peace of mind knowing that we have your back covered.

By continually working on improvements and ensuring we are keeping up with the latest technology and smart energy saving equipment we are giving our clients the best technology on the market.

Recent developments include:

▪ Phone App for convenience and flexibility. At any time one of our trained service techs can access a machine and diagnose faults or assist the operators with any issues or cycle adjustments as required.

▪ Daily reports – We have the ability to print reports of the days cycles, showing temperatures in and out, cycle times plus other information the client may require.

▪ Faster cycle times to improve efficiency and reduce running costs.

▪ New hydro cycle to minimise water contamination & assist with water treatment.

▪ New automated flow though system.  Warm produce can be loaded one side and then automatically driven straight in the cold room.


The Quik-Cool team have many years of experience in:


Refrigeration post-harvest cooling solutions for all types of fresh produce.

Service & Installation

Programed maintenance

Design & manufacturing


We can deliver a cooling solution tailored to your needs

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